A Better You

“There seems to be some perverse human characteristic that likes to make easy things difficult.”

—   Warren Buffet

“Fitness is not a competition.”

—   intellefit

“intellect and reason should inform determination and will.”

—   intellefit

How to Kick Your Late Night Snacking Habit


It’s just too easy to sit in front of the TV and snack mindlessly after a long day

Preventing Alzheimer's: Study Shows Diet and Exercise Are Effective

(Source: emergentfutures)

“Obsession is unhealthy.”

—   intellefit
"The moment when intellect and fitness intersect…"

“As you evolve, your fitness program should evolve with you…”

—   intellefit

“intellect + fitness = intellefit”

—   intellefit

“Your Before/After image should also include a ‘snapshot’ of improved energy levels, a strengthened immune system and higher mood levels.”

—   intellefit