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Sit Less, Live Longer? -

The Single Most Proven Way to Get Smarter and Happier - TIME

“You want a flat belly? Stop stuffing food in it.”

—   intellefit

Forget Your Stress While You Run | Runner's World

"Negative emotions raise injury risk."

Is Sitting Killing Me?

"How Sitting is Killing Us"

“Fruits and veggies are carbs, too.”

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"A plank is a full-body exercise". 1) Draw in your navel. 2) Tighten your glutes. 3) Engage, or tighten your quads (legs). 4) Keep your shoulders away from your ears. 5) retract your shoulder blades. 6) Breathe. 7) Make it look easy;)
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“There seems to be some perverse human characteristic that likes to make easy things difficult.”

—   Warren Buffett